Kitch + Glovo: One step further in our mission 🚀

4 min

We are excited to share that we have decided to join forces with Glovo!

At Kitch, our mission is to empower restaurants to sell their dishes online, on their terms. So that they don’t have to let go of their independence when they go online. And we are deeply committed to serving restaurants of all shapes and sizes, regardless of where they are.

In Glovo, we found the right partner to help us take our technology to a wide community of restaurants across multiple countries. As a leading food delivery app, Glovo operates in 26 countries, and we are excited to work together and start supporting restaurants in all of these geographies.

With this important step, Kitch will continue to operate as a fully independent company. Our team remains utterly autonomous, as will our technology and operations. 

We continue entirely focused on providing the best service to restaurants so that they can make the most of their digital orders. And on partnering and working together with all companies in this space, ensuring the strict protection of any data we process from restaurants, business partners, and all the entities with whom we work.

We wanted our community to know of this important step for us, even as our thoughts are with the millions of people being affected and displaced in Ukraine.

Our journey to improve the delivery experience never stops, it just has become bigger. And we couldn’t be more excited about continuing to build Kitch!

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