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Kitch is a Lisbon-based startup whose mission is to empower restaurants to sell their food online on their terms, through simple technology. We help restaurants to nail delivery without giving up their independence, and without losing control over their business.

How it all started...

We launched our operations in March 2020, in Lisbon, just when everyone was being invited to stay inside, and getting prepared to face a long period of stillness, fear and great challenges for people and businesses.

Upon launching, we were focused on enabling everyone in the city to have the dishes from their favorite restaurants at home, while allowing the actual restaurants to cook from our kitchens, designed especially for food delivery services.

But, as the pandemic pushed most European countries into prolonged lockdowns, restaurants were forced to shut their doors and to focus their efforts on the increasingly digital spaces of food delivery and take-away.

These extreme circumstances further surfaced the struggles of independent restaurants. The struggle to support the high fees and constant juggling between different tablets. The struggle to retain the relationship with their customers in the digital space. The struggle to have their food delivered, on their terms.

As a result, Kitch decided to double-down on developing the technology to empower food businesses to be in control of their digital orders, and on making it available to all restaurants wanting to do so.

What we do...

At Kitch, we offer a set of tech products designed for restaurants to own their game on the delivery end, allowing them to access a more simple and profitable business online:


With "Connect",  restaurants can aggregate and manage all their digital orders in one tablet, for all the apps with which they work (e.g., Uber Eats, Glovo, Deliveroo).


With "Deliver", restaurants can easily extend the delivery area, and rapidly grow the number of orders while reaching more locations and up to 4x more customers.


With "Store", restaurants can create their independent online store, enabling them to sell their dishes through a dedicated channel, and on their terms.


With "Control", restaurants get access to a mission control platform where they can manage orders, create menus, monitor business metrics, extract reports, access customer information, create their own promos, download invoices and work with all the information they need to make the best decisions.

With this single, one-stop-shop solution, restaurants can simplify their operations, stay closer to their customers, and more easily reach their online sales potential, while they have the right tools and information to reduce the costs and fees of doing digital orders.

If you're curious to know more, why not give it a try. Kitch is currently serving restaurants in Portugal - both in the Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto areas - and Spain - in Madrid. Follow this link to onboard your restaurant and try our technology free, for one month.

Your team,


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