How to start selling your dishes on Instagram?

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At Kitch we want to support you on improving your digital visibility and grow the number of online orders. With your own independent store, you can take control of your digital restaurant and start exploring new ways to market your menu and favourite meals.

How? Not only you can get direct access to your customers and customize your delivery website, but also create your own promos and use innovative marketing tools. Today we'll help you setup up your Instagram Store, and make the best of this new ordering experience.

Small note! Although you can setup your Instagram Store in few minutes, Instagram will need 2-3 days to review your account.

#1 Make sure you're using a business account on Instagram
  • Open your profile page on Instagram
  • Open the menu list
  • Select "Settings" > "Account"
  • Scroll down and click on "Switch to Professional Account" if the option is available.

If what you see is "Switch account type" you're probably all set! But in case you need to switch your account type to a professional one, just follow the steps on your screen:

  • Select a category (i.e "Restaurant", "Food delivery service", "Food & Drink")
  • Connect to your Facebook page

#2 Upload your menu
  • Open your restaurant's Facebook Page on
  • Find the menu options on your left and open it
  • Select "Business Settings" > "Data Sources" > "Catalogs"
  • On the top-left-corner, click on the button saying "Add"
  • Select "Create a New Catalog"
  • Define your catalog's name (can be your restaurant's name) and type (Products)
  • Close the window

#3 Connect your digital store with your Facebook page
  • On the same page you were before, select the recently created catalogue
  • Select the option "Add items" on the top bar
  • Open the options under the "Add items" list
  • Select "Data Feed"
  • Choose the option "Scheduled Feed"

Now pause and go to your Kitch back-office to copy the "Link for Data Feed CSV File" available on the Marketing > Social section*.

  • Paste the "Data Feed CSV File" link where it says "Enter URL" on your Facebook Manager
  • Click "Next" and define schedule updates according to your preference
  • Select your currency, close the window and wait a few minutes.

Go to back to your "Catalog" and select the "Items" section to see a full list of all your menu's items, including the picture, name, availability and price! This list is automatically updated.

To check for errors while uploading your product, go to "Catalog" > "Issues". Facebook might be rejecting some of your products (i.e. alcoholic drinks). However, if you're sure you're complying with Facebook's Commerce Policy, click "Review" and the item should be available in 1-2 days.

#4 Let Instagram review your account
  • Open your Instagram profile
  • Open the menu list
  • Select "Settings" > "Business" > "Set up Instagram Shopping"
  • Connect to your Facebook Account
  • Choose your recently created catalog
  • Write down your digital store's domain (i.e. "")
  • Wait 2 - 3 days for Instagram to review your account

#5 Turn on the "Shopping" feature
  • Open your Instagram profile
  • Open the menu list
  • Select "Settings" > "Business" > "Shopping"
  • Select your restaurant's catalog from the Business Manager

#6 Verify your domain

While creating your Instagram store, Facebook might ask you to verify your domain.

  • Open your restaurant's Facebook Page on
  • Open the menu list
  • Select "Business Settings" > "Brand Safety" > "Domains"
  • On the top-left-corner, click on the button saying "Add"
  • Write down your digital store's domain (i.e. "")
  • On the top bar sub-sections, click on "Meta-tag verification"
  • Copy the code after "content=", excluding the quotation marks
  • Paste the same code on your Kitch back-office tool under "Marketing" > "Social" > "Facebook Domain Verification Code"
  • Hit "Save"

By now you should be ready to start promoting your dishes on Instagram!

Let your followers know about this new way of ordering and make sure to link your Instagram store when posting pictures of your menu and food.

In case you need additional help while setting up your Instagram store or use other marketing tools available on your Kitch platform, email us at

Don't have your own digital store yet? Read about it on our blog and register your restaurant on our website. You can try it free for one month!

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