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Summer has arrived and (as usual) demands a lot. Light and bright additions, menu changes for seasonal ingredients, and many international and curious bellies to feed. Even though you can easily thrive on-premise dining during this period, the same could not be said for your delivery. Keeping all this summer-fresh menu through 30ºC streets on a motorcycle could sound like crossing an endless desert. 

This week, let’s dig into the day-to-day delivery challenges with Javier Redondo, the owner of a restaurant from the Kitch community: our madrileño Frutas Prohibidas!



Opened Doors | 2016
Location | Madrid (Spain)
Category |  Coffee Shop; Juice Bar; Vegan Restaurant
Cuisine | Vegan, 100% Plant-based
Work with Kitch online store  | Approximately one year
Instagram | @frutasprohibidasbar


01 | When did you start doing delivery? And why?

Our relationship with delivery dates back to 2016 when we began distributing natural juices and açaí bowls around Madrid. In fact, we were the pioneers in this type of delivery since our products didn’t even have a proper category in the marketplaces. At first, it was just us there. From minute one, we knew that both takeaway and delivery had to be an essential part of our business, and that’s how we feel until today. 

Perhaps the most important reason for selling through delivery was to make ourselves known beyond the Chueca neighbourhood, where we were born. An excellent relationship with the delivery platforms and good management of social media, which at that time was also beginning to take off in business, made us highly visible to a broader audience.

02 | What is the biggest challenge today related to delivery?

The biggest challenge in a mixed model, in which you have customers at your physical restaurant and customers at home, is to balance human resources, technology and kitchen time management so you can ensure that everything goes perfectly at peak hours and the quality of your delivery is safeguarded. Having all delivery channels integrated is also critical.


03 | Why did you create your own delivery channel?

When you have your own delivery, you get a higher margin on each order and great marketing weapons to reach your audience, generate discount codes, and create products and offers in real-time. The range is also bigger than marketplaces (6km radius compared to approx. 3km). We already had our own sales channel years ago. However, it wasn't integrated with a courier partner as Kitch does. The manual process of calling an external person to deliver each order was painful. Now we only have to worry about cooking, and Kitch sends us a courier automatically.

04 | What tool do you like and/or use the most?

The marketing tools, the discounts generator, and having access to our customer’s feedback. But without a doubt, the difference is in the menu creation and management; creating entire categories in a matter of minutes gives you the freedom to test how new virtual brands work. In our case, we launched a new project three months ago called LechuGO, which is a marketplace including 100% vegan virtual brands, and from which you can do multi-restaurant orders, giving you the freedom to order hamburgers, pizzas, burritos, tacos and fried chicken in the same order. With the menu creator tool, we can instantly upload a new restaurant, which opens up a world of possibilities. We’re already working on two other virtual brands that will join LechuGO as soon as possible.


05 | What do you think about the summer season and delivery? And why?

The summer season is always a little lower in delivery than in winter because people spend more time outside and don't think about ordering in. But it’s an excellent opportunity to highlight fresher products, which are more appealing during summer.

06 | Do you plan to change or optimise your menu? What kind of changes? 

Above all, on the usual offer, we’ll encourage cross-selling of refreshing products such as juices, bowls, cold desserts, lemonades, etc. We’ll also promote some dishes that we only have in summer.

07 | What are the additional challenges of the season?

Each season has its challenges, and it’s not enough to put your menu in the marketplaces and wait for the orders to drop; you always have to be upgrading and adjusting to the season, offering new things and being at the forefront, because you’ll also find multiple opportunities, almost daily.

08 | What dish on your menu do you recommend ordering this summer?

Any of our Smoothie Bowls or Salad Bowls, accompanied by homemade Lemonades, Smoothies, Kombuchas, etc. Although our offer is 100% Vegetable, even the burgers or other “stronger” dishes fit perfectly because they aren’t heavy. Cold desserts are also absolutely delicious in summer.

09 | What is the best outdoor to enjoy an order delivered by your restaurant? 📍

A few minutes away, near our premises, is the Temple of Debod, and Parque del Oeste, which are ideal for a picnic for both delivery and takeaway options. Many people enjoy our food at the Retiro park.


  1. Call attention to your perfect summer fit regular dishes (and marketing tools will be your best allies for that); 
  2. Adjust your menu. Surf the wave of the season and bring newness;
  3. Cross-sell: who can resist an extra fresh strawberry scoop on top? 

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