Tips to boost your restaurant's digital sales.

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When going digital, efficiency and ownership are critical for your restaurant's online success. While you explore the digital channel, staying true to your brand, to your identity, and to what makes you unique can sometimes be challenging, but is definitely part of the solution.

Restaurants, including yours, have shaped our cities and our neighbourhoods. Impacted our culture. What makes you unique, is part of the reason why you fight, and why you keep welcoming more customers everyday. So, why should digital be any different?

Being in control of your brand, while also having access to your customers, will give you the flexibility you need to optimize for distinction and continued growth. And by creating your own independent store with Kitch, that's exactly what you get. You're in control. And here's what happens next:

  • You get direct access to customer data and insights, so you can communicate with your clients and foster long-term loyalty as a result.
  • You can create your own promos and special deals, through combos, discounts or fixed price deals tailored to your customers and to your menu.
  • You can integrate your independent store with your social media, and make the ordering process even more simple.
  • You can more easily direct potential customers to your store, by having your own domain and, for that reason, being able to optimise your store's visibility.

Now, when it comes to restaurant marketing, where do you begin?

Restaurant marketing isn’t always an exact science. It requires a lot of trial and error, testing, and data analysis. The most important factor here is to have access to the marketing tools and make experiments according to your restaurant's profile. Having your own independent store makes it all possible and easy to track, so here are some of our tips!

#1 | Make your independent store easy to find

When orders come through your own digital store, you pay fewer fees and get access to more information. After you set up your restaurant online, the first thing on your agenda should be to spread your new domain across your main channels, and send people over!

  • If you have a website, make the "Order Now" option visible on the home page.
  • On your social media channels, update the profile weblink to your digital store.  
  • Setup your Google profile, using Google Business, which will also put you on the map.
  • And use offline materials that we can help you create, to attract your delivery and physical visitors to your own store.

#2 | Track your digital visitors' behaviour

When you have your own domain, you get access to much more information. And Kitch won't get in the way. Kitch will actually help you set up your digital profile using our platform, so you can easily add your Google ID and Facebook Pixel. This way you'll be able to digitally track your independent store and improve your marketing abilities. You'll have access to visiting and navigation patterns and so much more information, truly valuable to influence your next marketing move. Which items create more question marks? Are customers going straight to deserts? Are they spending too much time on a particular item?

#3 | Elevate your social media channels, create an Instagram store!

Your social media channels are not only where you'll find your most loyal customers, but can also become a great gateway to find new ones, who fall in love with your food along the way. Good news! Kitch allows you to sell your dishes through the Instagram Store, which means your customers can order directly from your restaurant's account! Setup your digital store on Instagram, and start tagging your plates on your photos and stories. Invite people to re-share these stickers and help you spread the word about your online ordering.

*Rule #1,  don't forget to mention your digital store's web link on your Instagram profile!

#4 | Create the right promos for your menu

There are many restaurants, offering different food concepts, at different price points. That's why customisation is key. With Kitch, you can create your own promos and decide to whom and when they are visible.

  • Is the average value of your orders typically low? You can create an automatic minimum fixed amount for low-value orders. The value goes entirely to your restaurant, reducing the cost of delivery and commission applied.
  • Want to increase the average value per order? Create incentives with automatic promos applied in orders starting from a certain minimum value. This will encourage the customers to add more items to the order, and save while doing that!

#5 | Engage with your community

With Kitch, you have direct access to customers insights, at the individual level. From their first name to their email, when was the last order to how much they're spending. Following GDPR standards and according to your client's consent, the door is open for customised communication - email and SMS - which you can tailor to their behaviour and food preferences. The insight you needed to grow your brand and online business.

#6 | Create ads for your restaurant

In case you can put some of your earnings aside: create ads to reach more customers with little investment. Use the Facebook Ads Manager to target custom audiences, chose a preferred ad format, and spread your content and promos across Facebook and Instagram. If you have your Facebook Pixel in place (read Tip #2), you can easily allow the creation of product feeds for dynamic ads, create audiences based on your website's traffic, create retargeting campaigns, and optimize for conversions!

Every day, you pour your heart and soul into this business. You dream big and obsess over the smallest details. Marketing efforts are just another way to stay true to your mission, to make sure your customers continue to come back, and that new one will contribute to the growth of your business.

Even though there's a broad range of marketing tactics, once you have your own digital store it gets easier. After all, you have everything you need within your reach to start experimenting.

Send us an email with your questions to and get connected with our team of restaurant marketing experts, who will provide more details and instructions to help you start promoting your business, on your terms.

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