Your own independent store. Here's why, and how.

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You’re thousands of different restaurants. You have different needs, wants, priorities and dreams.  And each one of you is trying to make it on your own. With passion, commitment and sweat.

It's personal for you. So it's personal for us. You have an appetite for independence, and we're hungry to help.

Meet the Store

Kitch wants to create the tools that unite different restaurants in the fight to stay open and stay true to themselves. And with that challenge in mind, we created The Store.

The Store is that simple technology that will allow you to sell your own dishes online, under your branding. A channel that allows you to communicate directly with your customers, and take back control of your digital operations.

Lupita's Store @ Kitch

Bring your brand and identity to the front stage.

Customize your independent store with your logo, a cover image, and signature dishes. Chose the colour that is more "you" and connect your social media accounts.

Create, customize and manage your menus.

Create one or more menus, define when they're  active, which dishes are available, which dishes aren't, and keep your clients curious with our combos creation feature.

Reduce costs and win more with each order.

With your own independent store, you're the one who decides how to get your orders delivered. Stop struggling with high fees and enjoy the convenience of frictionless and fairly priced delivery, fulfilled by professional fleets, fully automated and integrated with your Kitch tablet.

Take back the relationship with your loyal customers.

Know who your clients are, access their contact info and be ready to engage with them with any information you want (news, offers, updates). Learn about their average spend amount, the total number of orders, the last time they ordered and if they consent or not to receive communication from you. All under GDPR standards.

Surprise your community with custom made promotions.

Create your own special promos to reward and incentivise your client's loyalty.  Set fixed % or € discounts, create incentives with extra € offered for orders above a certain value, set a minimum ticket price. The options are endless, and our team is here to advise you and provide many more marketing tips.

On a nutshell, this is Store. And while you enjoy these and more features, we take care of the deliveries, the payment processing and the customer support for you. It's your store, but not your headache.

Curious? Join our community and give your own independent store a try with our one-month free trial. This is about more than the tech. This is about more than the money made and saved. There’s a lot more on table. It's your restaurant. Your food. Your terms.

See you around,

The Kitch Team

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